June 11, 2006

vía creativity/machine: “the uses of participation”… referencia a Ross Mayfield: “Power Law of Participation”


June 11, 2006

vía tiara.org: “privacy and web 2.0”… referencia a Will Harris: “Why Web 2.0 will end your privacy”

“Flickr is perhaps one of the most interesting ones. Search for ‘cat’, and Flickr will record the most popular photo clicked. By associating the colour and picture data within photos with keywords used to search, Yahoo is slowly building a database of human identification. It has often said that the differentiator between Yahoo and Google, going forward, is that Yahoo wants the web processed by humans and Google wants it done by robots. Google uses algorithms to generate anything to do with its business. Yahoo, with its acquisition of Flickr and Delicious and whatever else is on the horizon, wants people – and social networks – to define how it does business.”

(también referenciado en technology and the social: “web 2.0 and privacy”).

addenda: vía creativity/machine: “the cultural politics of flickr tags”

June 11, 2006

vía space and culture: “MySpace, control and users” fascinante!!!

(…) “Putting this back in locative tech terms, that’s the same kind of approach taken by most pro-am arguments: the story ends with public users, as if they can finally stand firm and free on a platform like Flickr or Ning , or even a city, and we can forget about them. Sometimes, the biggest problem with user-centred design is that use and user are be-all-and-end-all. When appropriation is understood to be an individual act, then we train our sights on individual actions, and often exclude collective flows or assembling forces.”

addenda: vía tiara.org: “discourses of consent” interesante!!!

“And here’s what’s actually happening: People are obfuscating personal data by using pseudonyms that can only be identified within situated, contextual networks, or by using services which allow them to restrict who can view their personal information. This is really the only one of these solutions which makes any sense.”

June 11, 2006

vía space and culture: not if but when: brian ulrich

June 10, 2006

vía savage minds: exchange (muy interesante, entrevista a zizek“On Culture and Other Crimes”-y , sobre todo, entrevista a marshall sahlins“In the Absence of the Metaphysical Field”-).

ps.- Prickly Paradigm Press (curioseen aquí… hay interesantes sorpresas!!!).

June 6, 2006

vía culture machines: cultural studies e-archive (about -iniciativa “open access”)

June 5, 2006

vía purse lip square jaw: “Networked things and the old/new objectivism”. a vueltas con el concepto sterlingniano “The Internet of Things’ y más desde la perspectiva actor-red…